Monday, 12 November 2012

What a weekend!

Phew! I think I've only just recovered! 
I don't think my life has seen so much action in a long time! N'awwww - you know you wanna feel sorry for me..ha! 
I had the most gorgeous and glamorous engagement party in the Thistle hotel, so you know that means, I had to have a gorgeous and glamorous outfit!
Unfortunately by the time I realized I wanted to do an outfit post I was already slightly inebriated so please ignore the quality of the photos!! 

Miss Selfridge

I love this dress, it was the perfect piece to wear, it had just the right amount of sparkle, the low cut back also just adds that little bit more glamour and style to it. I loved it even more because it went amazingly with one of my favorite pair of shoes!!

So my dress wasn't all that was good about this night....THEY HAD A MICHEAL BUBLE TRIBUTE ACT!!! 
I dare say they're probably still clearing up my dribble from the floor, he was amazing! I wanted to take him home with me!! It's a super lame photo and you can't even see his face but here he is! 

Oh I do love a bit of buble!

Did you think I was finished?? Nono. That was my Friday, this is what my Saturday looked like!
Wales vs Argentina - Gutted they didn't win though, boo :( 

Then from there I went out to celebrate the birth of my boyfriends brothers beautiful new lil babs!! 
I thought i'd keep it quite smart/casual for this though so I didn't go all out (Still recovering from the Friday probably - naughty) 


I couldn't find the exact playsuit i'm wearing as they no longer sell it - however I've found something very very similar! Mine just has sleeves which I think make it look a bit cuter but it is so good to team up with some black tights (maybe not with the pink one) and some heels or even flats during the day! They're both from Asos and the sleeveless one is actually on sale at the moment and is half price so GO GO GO!! Big knitted jumper, some thick tights and it's perfect for the winter, so don't be scared! It's a super handy item to have in your wardrobe. I teamed mine up with black tights and the cutest pair of heels I own!! I love them to bits. 

So everyone! That was my jam packed weekend!! I think you've heard enough from me for one night!
Let me know how your weekend went or if you have any events coming up! Because there are a lot of stunning clothes out there at the moment! 

Lots of love x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Shishedo, Jam & Exercise!

Okay so I told you I'd write about it, I haven't forgotten! 

"Lacquer Rouge, Discover speedy glamour and long-lasting lustre for lips!"

Says. It. All.
It acts like a lipstick, a gloss and a stain - How good is that?!
So here it is on my big cheesy face (which reminds me I need to hit the fake tan - pronto):

Has anyone else tried it? Because I love it! I only have little lips so most lipstick unless it has a shine to it looks ridiculous on me. Lip gloss does hardly anything (although I do like the soap and glory extreme plumping one, but it's very sticky). Tints do not do much for me either but oddly everything combined seems to work pretty damn well!! It says on for hours and there's so many different colours to choose from i'm definitely putting them on my Christmas list! 
I'm working loads at the moment..however one day last week I had a massive urge to make jam. I know! How weird!?
It took two hours but it was totally worth it. 

Fruit, water, lemon juice and sugar and time! That's all you need!! 

Also you'll be pleased to know my money box plan is beginning to work! I've finally got rid of my cold and I'm on it! As well as my lash fetish I also have a ridiculous shoe fetish so as i'm being so good & I have an engagement party this weekend I thought i'd treat myself to a new pair of shoes. 
I've heard alot of good things about Missguided so fancied having a little peak. And i'm sure I'm not the only one who would die for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes but who really has that much dosh to flash around on shoes in the current climate? Certainly not me. 
So whilst browsing I thought i'd have a look at the shoes... 

Left are from Missguided & Right are Christian Louboutin. I freaked out and had to buy them, this was 9pm last night so I payed a bit extra for next day delivery thinking they would come tomorrow - they came today!! I was gobsmacked at the amazing delivery service. Shoes came and looked exactly how they do above which is stunning. Although the platform = 2" and the heel measures at 6.25cm....I love a massive heel but these are a tad too big for me so I think they'll be going back, I'll miss them :( I might just keep them to look at they're so gorgeous!! I'll definitely be paying Missguided a visit in future though, they have some amazing pieces! 
Let me know if you discover any sneaky finds! 
Lots of love x

Long Hair + Long Lashes

Okay so I have a massive lash fetish. If they aren't super long every day, I am one unhappy bunny. 
So I've tried eyelash extensions...which took half my eyelashes with them - Not good.
I put falsies on..I end up getting them stuck to my eyebrow - Too much effort. 
I've tried pretty much every single mascara out there..really I have, no exaggeration! 
And then I stumbled upon Maybelline "The falsies volume" - It was amazing! The best one yet, however I found myself having to separate my lashes with a dry brush after application, although didn't bother me because it worked so well. 
Lived a happy long lashed life with that little beaut.

Girls, Guys whoever wears this will LOVE IT!
I'm so excited about it, I wear like 20 coats (I told you I loved a good bitta lash!!) but even after one coat you can already see such a dramatic difference from your natural lashes. Its phenomenal. And trust me, i'm so uber fussy with mascara!
Have a looksee. FYI I put this mascara on at 5:30am before my shift, super tired, so can you imagine what the effect would look like if I took my time getting ready to go out, my lashes would be amazing. I have dark eyes so I usually team bucket loads of mascara with a dash of black eyeliner which looks amazing even if you're not going out. They've nailed it, everything about it works. 

No more searching, no more falsies, no more crying because extensions have pulled all of my lashes out! 
This mascara ticks all my boxes. 
Try it and let me know what you think! 

So I've got my long lashes...
Although one thing I want more than anything is my long hair back.
It used to be so long but I kept cutting it all off. Why didn't anyone tell me to stop?! 
So out of desperation, completely anti extension...I caved, and went to buy some extensions.. 

But don't they look so good?!
Could you tell?? 
I fooled many (muahahahaha) I am now totally pro extensions  Most of the time I tie them up but i'f I'm going out i'm letting them flooow! So until my hair grows these will see me through!
I got these from a lovely, lovely lady on City Road in Cardiff. Good quality hair and LOTS of it! 
Does anyone else have a little hair secret that nobody knows about?! 
If you do, I'd love to know where you get yours! 
Lots of Love x

Monday, 29 October 2012

So I've eaten like a horse and now my Dib Dab is staring at me..

I've given in... The Dib Dab is in my gob.When will I learn. *sighs* I should be at the gym. I haven't been for so long (I have reasons! Don't shout at me!!) But on a serious note I am a pre-gymaphobe. I say "pre" because when I get there I love it! It's just getting there is the hardest part for me. HOWEVER! I have a fool proof..well..maybe not fool proof..but a plan never the less to try and help get me going! And here it is....

That's right, MY OLD MONEY BOX! Every time I go to the gym/go for a run/do any exercise i'll put £1 into my little pink van which will add up to a well deserved treat at the end of the month! I love it! Fingers crossed it'll actually get me going!

Although moving on, Saturday night I was super excited to be invited to one of Cardiff Fashion Weeks catwalk shows. Being an absolute clothes freak when my friend told me I nearly choked on a pen lid! 
The evening started with nibbles in Jamies, which was absolutely gorgeous, I didn't even have to put any of it in my mouth before I started dribbling it all looked and smelt so good! And it just so happened we were sat on the table where they placed all the food... so we obviously had no choice but to have a hardcore munching session (mushrooms in breadcrumbs were the fave, highly recommended!!)

Then from there it was on to the fashion show! 

This was all outside so a massive pat on the back to the models, they must have been absolutely freezing but they were all fantastic and put on a brilliant show. It wasn't so much like your average cat walk either, it had dance routines incorporated into it and it was really good to watch (How they managed to remember the steps I have no idea!) and the stylist/host was fab and really knew how to play with the crowd!
Here's some of the snaps I took, they're literally snaps because did I take my camera? No. What an absolute pleb. However I do have a couple of videos to show so have a looksee and you'll see what I mean!

My absolute favorite was the warehouse collection (top two photographs) - I did get really excited when they stepped out, they look like they've got some gorgeous things in store at the moment so I will definitely be paying them a visit, all of the dresses would be perfect for Christmas parties! Coast was looking exceptionally glam, very red carpet. I've never had a bad dress from Coast, it is my go to place for any smart event I go to! As for CK underwear....Can't say I was paying much attention to the actual undies...ha! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they were SMOKIN'! 
I've got to say I haven't been shopping in St Davids 2 for a while but that show has definitely made me want to go on an ultra spree!!

& Here are some of the lovely ladies I met!

All absolutely stunning people with gorgeous personalities even with me the newbie on the block! 

Lots of love x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I'm sorry guys, but I just love Christmas! And this year is going to be a super good one, I can so tell already. In the words of me when I get excited: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" 

You know how I know it's nearly, nearly Christmas? Because today when I went shopping (It's my day off, what do you expect?!) I strolled into Costa to find...wait for it...


That's right folks, a cinnamon one. Christmas Is definitely coming.
And one thing I am HUGELY excited about this Christmas season is the new products which are flying about the place! Oh the beauty scene is getting so good and it's getting me so excited! And you should be too! 
I've got a tonne of new and simply amazing products to share with you whether it be for stocking fillers for your loved ones, purely for yourself or if you're feeling flush, for both! (Try and do both because trust me, most of these products you'll want to keep all for yourself! I know I do!) I can't wait to show you them all...I think I'm perhaps a bit too excited. 
One product which I have fallen deeply in love with already is this little beauty

It. Is. Amazing. I've literally only had it on for a couple of minutes but I'm in love! So much so...I'm supposed to be at my boyfriends right now but I felt a desperate need to tell everyone about it first! (I am a good girlfriend I promise, ha!)  I'll tell you alllll about it tomorrow, because trust me, I will be wearing it and people will be talking about it.  
This is just a taster of what's to come! So strap yourself in, because you will have some serious shopping to do.

Good night!
Loadsa love x 

Monday, 22 October 2012

There's nothing like a good Latte to start a blog!

First things first, who knew they had so many different flavors of latte these days? 
I found out earlier they had a gingerbread latte, gingerbread. Am I the only one who's heard of this?!
Don't get me wrong, I love a good vanilla latte, but there's hazelnut, gingerbread, mint, orange!? The list goes on! I think I'll have to indulge, I'll let you know how it goes (may give the mint one a miss though..sounds a bit too extreme for me)

But anyway, lets not diverse! 
I've finally done it! I don't know how long it's taken me but I've finally made my first blog! Woohoo! With some major coaxing from my friend...I must admit. What would I do without you!

I always thought what do people right about in blogs, but now that I'm sat here typing away I'm not sure I'll stop. But I think I'll keep this blog purely for the above, my all time favourite things in life, Fashion health Style and Beauty.

I'll be keeping you updated on my latest finds across the board!

Especially after The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham - Can't WAIT!
Get your tickets, it's going to be amazing. 

Loadsa love x